Sunday, May 22, 2005

"The yellow of its eyes" - a crippling encounter. 178 species in total

Three new ones in three days - motoring nicely just now. The now familiar ride to the New Forest was well-rewarded, with (after about an hour of waiting) an absolutely stunning sighting of a male Honey Buzzard lifting out of the very closest trees, circling and gaining height rapidly. It was within not more than 40 feet at first, close enough to see every feather and the striking yellow eye. Awesome. Also at this site were a big fat female Goshawk, many Common Buzzards, singing Woodlark, Redstart and Cuckoo, and a Raven. Elsewhere on the ride there and back, I had a Firecrest in song - didn't even have to get off the bike!

Now past 2500km (or 1500 miles, whichever you prefer), with 100+ miles in two days, and over 107 hours of riding! Average 14.1km per bird, mind you....