Thursday, January 13, 2005

In the deep midwinter - 31 species in total

Well, here we go.

The plan is to see as many bird species in Hampshire in 2005 as possible, by wholly non-motorised means. Since I don't think horse-riding is going to happen anytime soon, I reckon that'll just about limit me to walking, running and cycling. The idea is to get a bit fitter and burn a bit less carbon. So, what have I seen so far? Not a lot!

The year list currently stands at an utterly feeble 32 species - largely because I only got back from Sri Lanka on January 9th, I have been at work all week, and I've been out for precisely one run, during which (presumably because of the lay-off overseas) I managed to damage my knee! Great start to this wacky scheme, eh?

Ah well. The first proper target is going to be Waxwing on Saturday - a fairly lengthy (for an essentially unfit and still a bit podgy birder!) bike ride away at Hedge End. Let's hope they stick around....