Saturday, January 15, 2005

More like it! Getting Bohemian on a bike - 42 species in total

Well, now we're under way. Despite the cold and very wet conditions, I set off on the bike for Hedge End this morning (40km round trip), and duly connected with the flock of (when I saw them) 19 Waxwings right outside Jessops. Feeling very smug compared to the car-based birders in their nice thick coats and trousers, I dragged my bins out of my muddy rucksack, and thoroughly enjoyed the birds feeding on small rowan trees. Great value as always, despite the very gloomy weather. Couldn't see any ringed birds, although one was reportedly picked out from a larger flock there yesterday.

Also added to the list were a few other common birds en route, including Jay and Bullfinch - we now stand at the amazing total of 42 species! And with Hedge End only about 45 minutes away, with no serious hills, it's quite clear that I have no excuses for not making the occasional trip to the coast, even in the dead of winter....