Thursday, February 10, 2005

Two more nailed, but yet more mechanical problems - 103 species in total

A short spin (just a measly 30km) to Emer Bog and Baddesley Common today, for a single target species. The reserves were rather quiet, but a good walk round did produce Green Woodpecker, a few common woodland species, including Coal Tit, lots of winter thrushes, and my first singing Skylark of the year. And towards the end of the walk, a distant and poorly seen but very audible (and tickable!) Lesser Redpoll flew off from a line of birches. Not quite the great views of a big flock I’d been hoping for, but they all count!

Shortly after setting out for home, an alarming noise developed in my front wheel, which got steadily worse. I couldn’t pin down the source, which made me suspect something bad, and I took a small detour on the way home to drop by at my now regular bike shop. (The detour did turn up a long overdue Red-legged Partridge on Port Lane!) Sure enough, it was the front bearing that had gone – new wheel time! It’ll last until next week, luckily, so I could get home OK.

On a technical point for all you cogheads out there, a saddle adjustment (to its maximum rearwards position) seems to have solved the lower quad/knee issue – for now at least....