Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Darts! The Nightrider rides again. 180 species in total

Acting on hot gen from the Test valley, I left home after work commitments at about 2215, towards the end of extra time in the Champions' League final. The familiar 45-minute run was marked by a Liverpool triumph and warm, still night air, and by 2300 I was on site in the valley. Past the squeaky juvenile Tawny Owls, my quarry was singing loud and clear - a territorial Grasshopper Warbler. Result!

I decided to press on for my other remaining nightbird, and reached Great Covert, Chandlers Ford, by about 2345 - and after a few minutes of silence, a distant Nightjar made itself species number 180. Rather more (post-match) traffic than last time I did a night ride, but still safely home by 1230, with two real good 'uns under the belt.