Saturday, November 05, 2005

In Dream-land. 202 species in total

While I was half-expecting to visit Gosport once more this winter, probably in search of a returning Iceland Gull, little did I expect to be making the mad dash down there today to see a first for Hampshire - but that's exactly what happened!

At 1.30pm, the news broke, and after (not much) umming and ahhing, I was off. After a record-breaking 1 hour 22 minute ride, I was on site, and immediately had flight views of the 1st winter LAUGHING GULL.

Third photo courtesy Chris Turner - other two by ME!

Stunning stuff! The bird proceeded to fly up and down the sea wall a few times, to the delight of the gathered and seemingly almost complete Hampshire birding fraternity! Deeply happy, and with several adult Med Gulls to add to the day list, I 'streaked' home in a rather slower time, especially as I punctured near Waltham Chase, luckily close to a bike shop!

What a tick!